February 28, 2018

On another trip to Ottawa with viarail

I think I like to travel by rail. If you are going to see people and places close to a rail station it is a very good alternative to driving.

March 4, 2016

On a Viarail for the first time

Had to go to Ottawa for a day and was kinda lazy so here comes a new experience on a Viarail train. The trip was good (I am still on the training home bound) and I will probably take the train again in the future.   

December 28, 2015

In Niagara Falls with the family

Every year around new year we have a tradition of spending a day in Niagara Falls.               

December 22, 2015

Year end

Haven’t been updating here much. No time and no much to say. A few trips to USA in October and November and now planning to stick around the house for a while.

February 11, 2015


This is one of my favorite cities in the world and I have the opportunity to stop over for couple of days on my way to Israel. The city have changed a bit over the last seven years. It is a bit more conservative. A lot less “coffee shops” and a lot more clean spaces.

February 16, 2014

Family day

February is here and winter is finally starting to show that it is about to leave. Family day is here and we are going to Niagara.

November 21, 2013

Time to go home

Varnex San Diego is over and now it is time to pack and go home. San Diego is a beautiful city and the weather was amazing but I miss Yaelle and looking forward to going home.  

November 18, 2013

Fun @ San Diego

Got to San Diego. The weather is at least 15deg higher then home. Had a great time walking around Bilboa park and the old pier at ocean view. @Oceanview Pier @Bilboa Park Last minute @the pier

November 15, 2013

On the way to San Diego

So I am @Buffalo again on the way to Synnex/Varnex event in San Diego. I am getting used to the drive and the small Buffalo International airport. The entire clearing process took exactly five minutes.

October 6, 2013

First update

I think it is appropriate to launch the new site that is going to track me, my thoughts and my traveling from an airport. So this week I traveled to Miami and Melbourne. It was a good trip. Spend some time with the Ruckus Wireless team and then to visit Ken and get the redesigned […]

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